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BeBot Official modules[edit]

BeBot comes with a selection of modules already installed. Here you will find comprehencive documentation for them.


This document uses special conventions for values that you need to substitute. These are

 * **!command //<value>//** - Values within brackeds are mandatory and have to be supplied
 * **!command //[value]//** - Values within square brackets are optional and offer additional features
 * **!command //<(value1/value2)>//** - Values separated by a vertical bar within paranthesis indicate that you may choose between the values. The type of brackets surrounding the parenthesis indicate mandatory or optional values.

Common modules[edit]

Template.php - This is not a module but a template used for these entries.

AFK.php - Let people know you're away from keyboard

About.php - Information about BeBot

AccessControlGUI.php - Handle access to commands in different channels based on security groups

AdminsUI.php - To display the bot admins/leaders

Alts.php - Shows information about alternative characters.

AutoInv.php - Automatically invite guests to the bot

AutoUserAdd.php - Automatically add guild channel users to the bot

BanManager.php - Managing bans from the bot

BotStatisticsUi.php - Element about the bot

Bid.php - Handles auctions and bidding based on raid points

Calc.php - In-game calculator

ColorConfig.php - Configure the colors used by the various modules of the bot

CommandAliasUi.php - Manages custom command aliases

Countdown.php - Count down and then post a message

DiscordRelay.php - Allow to relay from/to Discord

FlexibleSecurityGUI.php - The GUI to control flexible security extensions

IRC.php - Handles connection between guild chat and an IRC/Twitch channel

Is.php - Checks if a person is online

Items.php - Show/search for information about items

Loot.php - To help managing looting

Logon_GUILD.php - Handles logon messages for guild members

Mail.php - Send private messages in a mail-like fashion

MassMsg.php - Sends out mass messages and invites

ModulesControlUi.php - To activate/disable modules

News.php - Show guild news, raid info and headlines

Online.php - Display infors about who is logged on to the bot

OnlineCount.php - More details about who is logged on to the bot

Notify.php - Settings about notifications

Nroll.php - Roll among several options

Ping.php - To ping and trace

PlayerNotesUi.php - Manages the player notes

Points.php - Handles raidpoints

Preferences.php - Manages bot prefs

Quotes.php - To quote other players

Raffle.php - Handles item lotteries

Raid.php - Announces a raid

Rally.php - Handles rally points for raids

Recruit.php - To help recruiting

Relay.php - Simple org to org relay

Roll.php - Roll a dice and show the result

Roster.php - Handles member roster commands

Rules.php - To show bot rules to players

Say.php - Makes bot able to speak

SettingsInterface.php - Interface to change bot settings

ShortCutsGUI.php - Interface to the shortcut database

Shutdown.php - When the bot needs to be shut down

StringFilterUi.php - Interface to filter specific words

TimerUi.php - Manages all your game timers

UserAdmin.php - Allows superadmin to manage users datas.

TeamSpeak.php - Displays infos about the TS server

Whois.php - Information about a player

WebSocketRelay.php - Advanced bot relay

AOC modules[edit]

Blacklist.php - Keeps a list of persons blacklisted by the guild and warns on whois

Bound.php - To memorize where your toons are bound to

Chuck.php - For funny C. Norris quotes

City.php - To help managing your guild city

CraftClasses.php - A craft helper interface

Gemcutting.php - Details about cutting gems

Rweapon.php - Raid loot informations

TimerAA.php - Manage your offline training timers

AO modules[edit]

Aggdef - To calculate best aggdef position

Aiarmor - Helps tradeskilling AI armors

Aigen - Infos on AI generals

AlienAttack - City cloak management/history

Announcer - Connect org/private to any Botnet

AutoInv - Autoinvite guests on logon

Bank - Setup workflow to share org's owned items

Boss - Loot information about many bosses

Callers.php - Designate and list "callers" for raids and events

Cluster - Helps to design self-made implants

Ding - Turns bot into a levelling coach

Dyna - Infos about dyna camps

Guide - Many text and AO-Universe guides

GSP - Infos about the Grid Stream Production shows/events

History.php - Shows the history for a player

Identify.php aka ex-Bio.php - Identifies bio material

Ladder - To help laddering high QL implants

LandControlZones - Infos about NW fields

LeadEcho_RAID.php - Offering leader echo and nominating leader in raidbots

Level.php - Show information about team/pvp ranges and mission QLs for a given level

Nanoline - All your nanos per profession and lines

Oe.php - Information about over-equipping

Ofab - Details about LE Ofab Weapons/Armors

OnlineOrg - To verify who's online in a guild

Orbital - To master orbital strikes

OrgHistory - To see/search org events

Orgs - To search for an org by name

PB.php - Information about which symbiants a given pocketboss drops or which pocketboss drops a given symbiant.

Perks - Display infos about SL perks

PrivGroup.php - Manages the private group

Procs - Display infos about LE procs

Raid_Loot - All loots from various raids

Rcalc - Helps to optimize research slider

Recipes - All tradeskill recipes

Ris - Helps to design several Raid Interfaces

Route - Show you quickest path from A to B

Skills - Stats about special attacks/skills

Spirits - All shade spirit searchable

Stats - Reveals hidden stats of AO

Symbiants - All symbiants searchable

Taraviza - Timers for 2 main bosses (+ event's world bosses)

Target - To make assist macro

Tokens - Helper for token and guns

TowerAttack.php - Announces tower wars and gives history for tower wars

Trickle.php - Calculates the trickle-down to skills from increasing base stats

Twink - To help your twink your character

Whatbuff - Searches for items per slot and skill

Whereis - To help you locate an item or boss

Xp - Infos about experience points