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BeBot Unofficial modules[edit]

BeBot has a selection of unofficial modules available. Unofficial just means they have not been added to the core of Bebot. Here you will find documentation for them.


This document uses special conventions for values that you need to substitute. These are

 * **!command //<value>//** - Values within brackeds are mandatory and have to be supplied
 * **!command //[value]//** - Values within square brackets are optional and offer additional features
 * **!command //<(value1/value2)>//** - Values separated by a vertical bar within paranthesis indicate that you may choose between the values. The type of brackets surrounding the parenthesis indicate mandatory or optional values.

The modules[edit]

Template.php - This is not a module but a template used for these entries.

TWC - Anarchy Online/Age Of Conan Web Chat

And you may find many more in forum unofficial modules archives :

0.6 &