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This core element (Main's 10th) allows you to manage your bot Members and some values for the Roster. It offers several settings :

AutoInviteGroup: Which user group(s) should be automatically marked for autoinvite if AutoInvite is set to On?

Mark_notify: Are members or guests automatically put on notify?

MembersUrl: What is HTTP(s) Members interface URL (FC official by default, or your prefered mirror) ?

Notify_level: Are only members (2) or guests too (1) automatically put on notify if Mark_notify is true?

QuietUpdate: Do roster update quietly without spamming the guild channel?

Roster: What should we use to look up organization information? (Fallback means that if XML fails the cache will be used)

Update: Should the roster be updated automaticly?

It has a linked module described here